The perfect season for Florida airboat tours

There are many good times in the year to visit the Everglades, regardless of Florida’s hot climate. However, some seasons might be more comfortable for certain people. It is easier to divide Florida’s weather into two seasons: the dry and wet seasons. You may prefer one season, depending on your predisposition to heat and humidity. The great news is that Florida Airboat Tours can work very well during both seasons, whether dry or humid.

Florida airboat tours and the dry season

Florida’s dry season occurs between December and April. It is a known fact that tourists prefer to visit Florida during the dry season. With temperatures averaging between 50 to the high 70 degrees Fahrenheit (10-25 degrees Celsius), the dry season makes for a more comfortable experience. It is because most people prefer those lower temperatures, especially those with difficulty dealing with heat.

The dry season is significantly better if you find it challenging to deal with wet weather and humidity. There are substantially fewer rainy downpours and far less humidity. As a bonus, dryer weather and lower temperatures produce fewer bugs, so you don’t have to worry about getting bitten during Florida airboat tours.

Another critical aspect of the dryer season is that alligators, fish, turtles, and other species of animals are more visible. The dry season is generally more manageable for seeing things, especially if you’re looking for animals. You can read more about Everglades creatures on, and you will understand why people prefer the dry season to the wet season.

Florida airboat tours and the wet season

Florida’s wet season takes place from May through to October. It shows substantially hotter temperatures, with 90% humidity on average. As its name implies, the wet season will likely experience rain and thunderstorms.

So why would people still prefer to take Florida airboat tours during the wet season? It’s simple. Some people like it that way because the wet season is less well-liked by tourists. The fact that there are fewer tourists and people overall means you can experience a calmer and more isolated vacation.

Some argue that you can get a more accurate idea of what Florida is like during the wet season. It is Florida in all its splendor. The swamps of the Everglades are hot and muggy, and the environment is harder to handle. The wet season still provides plenty of chances to see wildlife in its natural setting, and the increased remoteness gives you more time away from your daily routines.

Prepare whatever season you pick!

When it comes down to choosing when you will go on vacation around Florida, make sure to pick the season that works best for you. Now that you have some information about the wet and dry seasons, it will be easier for you to make the right choice. Most importantly, you will be able to prepare for the weather accordingly.

Preparation will mean taking lighter clothes during the dry season while being more prepared for rain during the wet season. Shorts, a T-shirt, sunglasses, and a sun hat will be best during the dry season, but you could always take a spare poncho just in case it rains. That rain jacket will be less optional during the wet season and will be part of the essentials to fight that rainy weather.

Florida airboat tours are suitable for people of most ages, but picking the right weather will make a massive difference in both your enjoyment and safety. If you are sensitive to heat and humidity, it is best to be safe and stick to the dry season. It will be the case for younger children and older holidaymakers. However, try the wet season if you are more adventurous and can handle more challenging weather.

Whatever time of the year you choose, prepare for your Florida airboat tours. Take the right clothes, stay hydrated, and keep your skin safe from the sun. Use sunscreen, drink enough water, and eat well. That way, you will be ready to face the Everglades and its creatures on a fast and adrenaline-packed airboat tour!