Vintage Bathroom Design Guide: Incorporating Old World Charm into Your Renovation

Bathroom renovation can be an overwhelming task, especially when it comes to choosing a design style. If you enjoy classic styles and want to create a timeless bathroom design, a vintage style might be the right choice – the vintage style is all about incorporating old world charm and glamour, which can transform your bathroom into a stunning space.

In this guide, we’ll explore vintage design in regards to bathroom renovations in Kew, and provide you with some helpful tips to help you design your ideal vintage bathroom.

Planning Your Vintage Bathroom Design

The first step in designing a vintage bathroom is planning – a vintage design usually includes neutral tones (such as cream, beige or grey), natural wooden finishes, and vintage accessories. Consider adding vintage elements such as an old clawfoot tub, black and white tiles, a crystal chandelier, a vintage mirror, or even an antique piece of furniture. Also, keep in mind that adding a touch of greenery can create a fresh and lively vibe to your bathroom.

Choosing Vintage Colours

The vintage style involves natural and muted colours. Pale blues, greys and beige are perfect for subtle and calming effects. However, if you want to add a more dramatic feel to the space, consider using deep navy, burgundy, or emerald-green hues. Keep in mind, however, that vintage style is all about creating a relaxed and soothing space.

Adding Vintage Accessories

Accessories play a vital role in bringing the vintage theme to life – you can add vintage accessories such as a rustic ladder shelf, antique-looking storage cabinets, old-fashioned light fixtures, or even a vintage-looking toilet paper holder. You can also add a vase with fresh flowers to bring in some colour and freshness.

Using Vintage Tiles & Flooring

Vintage tiles and flooring are a great way to add a unique character to your bathroom. Consider using black and white tiles in a checkerboard pattern, which is a classic vintage look. If you want to create a cosier atmosphere, consider using wood, which can add warmth to the space.

Light Up Your Vintage Bathroom

For a more glamorous look, consider adding a crystal or vintage chandelier, which can add a touch of sophistication to the space. You can also use the old-fashioned wall sconces to create warm and cosy lighting, which is perfect for a relaxing bath.

Start incorporating these vintage elements into your bathroom renovation design today!

Vintage bathroom design is an excellent option for those who enjoy classic and timeless styles – by incorporating some vintage elements, you can create an old world charm in your bathroom. With these tips and ideas, you are sure to create a beautiful vintage bathroom that you will adore for years to come. Good luck and remember to enjoy the process!