An anthropological introduction to YouTube presented to the Library of Congress June 23rd

YouTube has been one of the finest social media outlets which we have had since the dawn of the internet age and without question they lead the field in what they do. Now I could speak for hours and hours about this amazing work which they have done and the way in which they are shaping the culture right now, but thankfully the team at YouTube have already done that for me.

They have produced this incredible video which they have submitted to the Library of Congress, which breaks down not only what they have done in terms of a business, but how they have managed to shape and change culture. 

In order to explain best how they have gone about this the video streaming service have gone fully scientific and they have looked deep into why and how this site has received such a wonderful reception from the world as a whole. 

Make no mistake here, this is far less about YouTube tooting their own horn about how they have managed to completely change the internet landscape, and far more about what motivates humans to wish to record and share moments of our lives, and why we are so compelled to watch that of others. 

YouTube has changed the culture but it hasn’t done so with draconian measures, it hasn’t hoodwinked us into buying something which we didn’t want or fooled us into thinking that 2 and 2 makes 5, what they have done is in fact enable human behavior. 

All YouTube ever did was put forward a vehicle for us all to try out, sure they may have given us the low down on how best to use it but in terms of the global success which the site has become and the videos which have gone viral, that is all on us. 

YouTube have not just changed the culture, they facilitated it first and then put that mirror back on society to say ‘look how great you are’. I expect that because of what YouTube have done, in the future we are going to see way more companies who look to do something similar. By similar I mean that they will not tell us what the next trend is, or how they new look product will be, but rather giving the power to the people with a vehicle which they can use to make their voice heard. 

This video is wonderful and in watching it you will grasp exactly what I am saying about businesses in the future, it is about us now, not them.