N95 Video of the Annual Big Wheel Race in San Francisco

Last month saw the 7th edition of the brilliant Big Wheel race down Lombard street here in San Francisco and I have been avidly seeking out videos to watch in order to see the action and see who had the nastiest looking crash. This race has been going on since the year 2000 but it is only in recent years that I have been able to watch high quality replays of the event thanks to the ever-changing face of technology, in particular of smartphones.

This year I was truly spoiled to be sent a video which someone recorded on the Nokia N95 phone, a handset which as you all know is very close to my heart. I was able to not only enjoy the splendor of the event here, but also see it on one of my favorite phones. This was a test for the N95 which it past with flying colors, literally.


To those of you who may not have seen this race before, it is absolute pandemonium and the reason for that is that the limit of racers is pretty relaxed and that results in all and sundry coming to test themselves and their big wheels. Picture colors, people and vehicles flying all over the streets of San Francisco, thats what the N95 was facing.


It was the quality that just blew me away, the camera was able to focus on the place that it should have done, it drowned out confusion and it maintained an extraordinary high color quality throughout.

The N95 doesn’t need to convince me how good it is, but every now and again it is nice to have a little reminder of what a beautiful piece of tech we have on our hands.

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