Could You Be Hiring the Wrong Individuals?

When you own a company or you are tasked with hiring people for others, you have a pretty big job on your hands.

Making sure you get the right people in the right jobs is quite important.

With that idea in mind, is there a chance you have been hiring too many of the wrong individuals?

Do Your Homework Before Hiring

To increase the chances of getting hires right as often as possible, here are some pointers to keep in mind:

  1. Do your homework – It is important that you do your homework on any prospect you think would be of interest to you. One of the best ways to go about this of course would be the Internet. So, take the time to review each candidate’s info online. A search using the person’s full name and other key details should lead you to some background info. If hiring one and they will be driving for you on a regular basis, doing a traffic ticket search online is not a bad idea. You’d want to know if a prospect has a history of tickets and even auto accidents. In the event they do, would you still consider hiring them? They could in fact end up being a liability for you if they get tickets and even into accidents. Doing that research can make a big difference in the decision you make.
  2. Focus on office framework – What is the framework of the office you will be hiring people for? It is important to keep this in mind as you look to fill positions. Although you want people with talent and experience, a bad personality can mess up morale at work. That is why it is not a bad thing to think about how someone would fit in with their prospective co-workers. Clashes of personalities can lead to lower office morale and trouble at the end of the day.
  3. See if there is much movement – Does one you consider hiring have a lot of turnover when it comes to their job history? If so, this can be a red flag you do not want to gloss over. Someone going from job to job over time means there is little to no stability. While it may look great that they have all kinds of experience, that constant moving around is not good. Someone with a stable job history is oftentimes more appealing to an employer.
  4. Set expectations early on – It is key even if you do not hire certain people that you set expectations early on. That is what you would expect from them should they become a part of the company. This way there will be no excuses on their end should things not work out. It is also good on your end to be upfront about what the company offers. That is how a prospect could fit in there for years to come.

When it comes to hiring individuals, do all you can to get the right people in time and time again.

Doing so helps your company stay productive, avoid major turnover and more.