Penis Pumps Near Me: How To Make Your Penis Bigger

Did you know that the average penis size ranges between 5 and 6 inches when fully erect? If you fall below that average, you’ve probably wondered if there’s a way to make your penis bigger.

There are plenty of penis enlargement tips, but perhaps no method is more tried and true than pumps. Pumps offer male enlargement even if you’re already average-sized to put you ahead of the curve.

The following penis enlargement guide will explain everything you need to know about pumps. Read on to learn the basics before searching for “penis pumps near me” and making a purchase. 

How Penis Pumps Work

Penis pumps function as suction devices that are sometimes referred to as “vacuum pumps. That’s because they help create a subtle vacuum effect to stimulate blood flow which helps with penis enlargement.

They create suction using air or water to send blood to the penis which makes it swell and become erect. Some pumps work manually and others use batteries or hydro-vacuum technology.

Many people also use penis pumps to help with erectile dysfunction by gaining and maintaining erections. However, it’s important to note that pumps aren’t a long-term cure for erectile dysfunction on their own.

How to Use a Penis Pump

First, apply a penis ring (constriction ring) over the penis pump’s cylinder. Make sure to keep your pubic hair trimmed so that it doesn’t catch on the ring.

For the best experience, use a ring made of silicone that has a good stretch to it. A ring that’s too tight won’t be comfortable and a ring that’s too loose might make the pump ineffective.

Next, insert your penis into the pump’s chamber to form a seal that’s airtight. It helps to lubricate your penis at the base and shaft to strengthen the seal.

Once the seal is created, you’ll use your device’s manual or electronic pump to clear the air out of the chamber. This is the point where the vacuum effect comes into play.

Remember to only use a pump that’s equipped with a vacuum limiter. A limiter prevents the pressure from becoming too strong and causing injury.

Glide the constriction ring down the pump’s chamber and toward the base of your penis against your pelvis. Finally, carefully remove your penis from the pump’s chamber to complete the exercise.

Different pumps often require different time lengths to complete exercises. So, always check the manufacturer’s instructions before using a penis pump to get the best results.

You shouldn’t use penis pumps for enhancement of the scrotal area. you can look here for other ways to safely enhance the scrotal area.

Penis Pump Benefits

The biggest benefit of using a penis pump is to grow the size and quality of your erections. They also have far fewer side effects than popular erectile dysfunction drugs.  If you’re already prescribed an ED medication, penis pumps can help boost the effects.

Buying a penis pump is cheaper than pills or surgery and you can use the device indefinitely as long as you’re healthy. Pumps also aren’t invasive like surgical implants and have fewer risks.

Pumps might also help increase blood flow if you’ve had surgery for prostate cancer. They help reduce the risks of fibrosis, penile apoptosis, and anemic hypoxia as well.

Finding Penis Pumps Near Me

Now that you know the basics, are you ready to search for “penis pumps near me”? You know how penis pumps work, how to safely use them, and their many benefits.

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