Re-Writing the operating system for business

It is very possible that in the coming months we are going to have to begin to reposition software developers and instead of have them create wonderful suites which are capable of all manner of neat tricks and solutions, that instead we get them to re-write business operations. The OS of current business just isn’t ready for the absolute storm which is coming their way in the world wide web. Now those business out there who are smart, they are very much going to be the boys and girls who harnessed the wind, who decided they’d had enough of the adverse weather and who turned that storm around and rode it like Seabiscuit. Conversely there will be many businesses who get ripped from the ground like a tree in a cyclone and before they know it they’ll be in Oz with no heart, no courage and certainly no brains. 


It is 2009 and there are no more question marks, there are no more possible situations where the business outlook is not dominated by the internet and there are no more doubts about the longevity of social media and how it is going to revolutionize the advertising industry. The time for doubt has gone, we know where we are heading now and yet so many businesses, with owners and executives who are infinitely smarter than me, are not moving or realigning their business so that it is ready for what is to come. 

Total Overhaul 

My view on this is that they are scared because of the size of the range which they need to make. The internet is not just changing how we advertise products, it is changing how we sell, to who we sell, how we recruit, how we operate and our entire existence will be changed by the internet, and businesses should know that. This is why I refer to the business operating system, if this was a Mac then I’d say it is equivalent to it running an outdated OS from before Beyonce was born. 


Even some businesses who are trying to align themselves to the online world are not doing nearly enough to catapult them into a position where they will be winning in years to come, and that is where we are now, it is between winners and losers. For my money there will be 4 categories of businesses in the coming years, there will be those who drive the change and stand at the forefront, there will be those who position themselves will and reap what they have sown, there will be robust companies who lag behind but have the resources to tread water and catch up, then there will be those foolish souls who had all the chances in the world to adapt, but refused and died. 

There is no more doubt, no more questions beyond who is and who isn’t prepared for the future.