Cumby Group – Why Real Estate is Such a Solid Investment

I have a friend who works for the construction firm the Cumby Group and he was telling me last week that he has been getting bombarded with questions from friends and family as to whether or not they should buy real estate. The general feeling among many is that following the pandemic there will be a big drop in real estate process and that will give people a chance to really make a killing on their investments. This may or may not happen, even the experts are unsure. What we do know however is that investment in real estate is always the right idea, no matter what conditions are like. This is why this form of investment is always going to be a solid one.

Supply and Demand

Since the dawn of the real estate market there has always been a higher demand for affordable homes than there has been a demand. This is something which governments are constantly being accused of, not commissioning the building of more homes. As long as demand is outstripping supply, you are going to be able to rent or sell your home without too much hassle. his is why it makes sense to focus on properties which are in good spots and which can be lived in by families and couples alike, in order to maximize this demand.

Robust Market

Unlike there investments like stocks and shares, investing in real estate is to invest in a very robust market. Even when real estate prices have dropped they have always bounced back. We only need to take a look at the crisis of 2009 to see what has happened to real estate prices. That year he average house price plummeted yet here we are just 10 years later and those prices are higher than they were before the drop. House prices, if you take a look back through the decades, have always increased, even if you take inflation into account.


When you own real estate you have a wealth of options ahead of you as to how to proceed with your investment. Some like to pick up properties cheaply, given the a make over and then sell them quickly for a small amount of profit. Others will look to go for a long term strategy which will involve renting the place out for many years, and some will adopt this strategy and wait for the property price to reach a good enough level at which point they will sell it. There really is a wealth of options.

Bricks and Mortar

When you invest in real estate you are investing in a tangible asset and the only thing which could see you lose that asset would be a natural disaster or a fire, even then you would be insured. This is one of the main reasons why so many people prefer real estate investment over any other, because you can see and touch the investment.