Tech Stocks to Watch :Universal Display Corporation

If you are looking for good tech stocks to invest in at the moment, you should seriously consider looking at the tech sector. However, among the many fantastic investment opportunities in tech, one stands out from the crowd more than most: Universal Display Corporation.

As one of the world’s premier suppliers of digital screens and displays, Universal Display Corporation has been riding the crest of a massive wave caused by the explosion of smart technology over the last few years. While it may have experienced a depression in stock prices since the economic crisis caused by COVID-19 pandemic struck, we still believe that it is among to top tech stocks to watch in the next few months.

Profile: Universal Display Corporation

Founded in 1994, Universal Display Corporation is a specialist in organic light-emitting diodes (OLED) technologies. Universal Display Corporation is one of the world’s largest developers and manufacturers of high-tech screens and digital displays.

Universal Display Corporation is headquartered in Ewing, New Jersey. It also has international offices in South Korea, Hong Kong, Japan and Taiwan. Holding over 3,000 patents worldwide for phosphorescent- based OLEDs as well flexible, transparent and stacked OLEDs, the company lists supplies display hardware to some of the biggest names in digital devices, including Samsung, LG, AU Optronics CMEL, Pioneer, Panasonic and Konica Minolta.

Universal Display Corporation: A Great Investment Opportunity?

The real investment potential of Universal Display Corporation lies in the exciting future for OLED technology. OLED displays have many advantages over LCD, including flexibility, brightness and clarity and energy-efficiency. Recently adopted by many smartphone companies, OLED technology promises to usher in a new era of displays that are set to revolutionize the way that we interact with our devices. 

Like many other companies listed on the stock market, Universal Display Corporation has suffered from the fallout of the global COVID-19 pandemic. Stocks prices crashed from highs of around $218 in January of 2020 to circa $107 by mid-March. Despite facing the added complications of the ongoing trade dispute between the US and China, stock prices have somewhat recovered at the moment of writing, hitting somewhere in the region of $150+. 

The recent losses somewhat mask the fact that stock prices doubled in 2019, capping off an incredible decade of growth for the company (Universal Display stock prices have increased by more than 1,500% since 2010). Industry experts forecast that the current decline in fortunes is more a blip than it is symbolic of some broader issues concerning long-term profitability. 


As you will know, the key to investment is identifying stocks that are undervalued. In our opinion, Universal Display falls firmly in this category. If you are looking for advice on how to invest in tech stocks, we would recommend that you internalize the mantra of ‘buy low, sell high’. With stocks in Universal Display Corporation having been brought down by circumstances beyond the company’s control, now could be the moment to invest in what is sure to be one of the main players in the OLED technology boom moving forward.