Talent at The Edges, Innovation at the Edges  

c. The rest of the time however there really are no differences between the way in which we should treat our use of the web, compared with any other market change which we must adapt to. I say this because increasingly I see the same issues taking place as have always taken place, and the same problems and solutions which we have seen for years, albeit with different specifics. Today I want to get into innovation and why more and more we are seeing the very best innovation coming from the edges, and the very best talent being found at the edges. 

Now for the wider world this is actually pretty positive, for businesses however they run the risk of losing some of the most talented staff and the best ideas, simply because they didn’t keep their eyes on the edges. 

Where Businesses Go Wrong 

Now this is not to say that all businesses have got this wrong, there are in fact many who are all too aware of the power of the edges and they are taking notice. The issue with many companies however is that they are just too scared to take a risk, they play it safe and go with the same trusted advisors who are stuck in the mud but know how to please everyone in the boardroom, not taking these risks however is going to be far more crippling than avoiding them. 

Inclusive Environment 

Those businesses who do spot talent on the outskirts and who do give those people a voice are those who have created an environment in which the members for their team feel very included with what the business is doing and they also feel confident coming forward with new ways of working or indeed new ideas which may help the company find better levels of success. This environment is critical to retaining the best talent and procuring the best ideas. 

Ideas Farming 

Another activity which more companies should get involved in is to actively look for ideas within the company. This could take many forms but the key will be reminding everyone in the business that there are no bad ideas and that they are more than welcome to throw their hat in the ring with what they believe to be an exciting idea. Ultimately if businesses don’t do this then their staff are going to want to go to a company who do respect them enough to listen, or worse still they are simply going to go off and do things on their own, and the company then loses a potentially groundbreaking idea and an extremely talented member of the team, who they were foolish enough to leave on the edge.