4 Responses to “Top Cameras and Top Manufacturers Extracted From Flickr Daily Uploads”

Flickr is a website that I have always had a little soft spot for, I think it comes down to the inclusive nature of the social media site and its open-to-allcomers attitude. As any of you who monitor the site will know, there is a wide range of images which you can find on there from low budget shots, phone snaps to high end images which have clearly had some thought and some expertise with have gone into them. Recently I have discovered a great site which has been monitoring the camera make and model of all the photos which have been uploaded to the site, in order to gain an understanding of which are the most common. The data has been compiled and here are the top models. 

1 NIKON D50 Nikon

2 NIKON D70 Nikon


4 Canon EOS 20D Canon

5 Canon EOS 350D DIGITAL Canon

6 NIKON D70s Nikon


8 Canon PowerShot S2 IS Canon


10 NIKON D200 Nikon

Incredible to see the list made up of just 2 particular makes, clear evidence as to who is ruling the roost when it comes to buying up cameras. In the interest of fairness however we must also look at the top 10 brands which people are using. Naturally it is Nikon and Canon who make up the top 2 spots, now let’s have a look at who else is propping up the list. 

1 Canon

2 Nikon

3 Sony

4 FujiFilm

5 Kodak

6 Olympus

7 Casio

8 Sony Ericsson

9 Nokia

10 Panasonic

I am somewhat surprised to see Olympus having fallen down the list, a one-time fave in the photo community. This may look like throwaway information but I can tell you that the heads of  companies like Panasonic and Casio should be seriously worried by their performances here, and I’d go as far to say that this is all a very good indication of where market trends are too. Now of course not everyone who owns a camera uploads to Flickr but everyone who uploads to Flickr owns at least one camera and these are their gadgets of choice. 

What I also find interesting about all this is that given the range of options we have no for image editing, even within Flickr itself, that people are still going for high value cameras as opposed to saving some cash and investing time instead into the editing process. 

I’d love to hear more from you guys in terms of which cameras you prefer to use and whether or not you think that this list is accurate. Please feel free to get in touch and let me know what you think about these results, can’t wait to hear from you all!