What to Know About Gold Experience Requiem

If you are a fan of the manga series JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, you will have certainly heard of Gold Experience Requiem. Featured in Vento Aureo, the fifth story arc that spans 155 chapters, the character is the Stand of the protagonist Giorno Giovanna. Gold Experience Requiem is famous for its life-giving powers in the heat of battle.

Gold Experience Requiem Appearance 

A humanoid Stand of similar physical stature to Giorno, much of Gold Experience Requiem’s appearance is similar to the original Gold Experience. It has ladybugs mounted on its hands and a head with pointed tips that give it the appearance of wearing a crown. Particularly striking are its eyes, which are set into its head in an unusual cross in which the sockets are slanted. Gold Experience Requiem’s colorings are principally ivory, with features of violet, amber and brown.

When the character first appears, it has an arrow on its forehead, which then falls to the ground later on in the story.

Gold Experience Requiem Personality

Gold Experience Requiem uses the same voice as Giorno Giovanna. However, its voice tends to be more polite and slightly robotic in a similar way to the voices used by other Stands. Gold Requiem is faithful to Giorno in almost every single way, paying close attention to upholding his same morals and values when forced into battle with his arch-enemy Diavolo and his Stand King Crimson.

Gold Experience Requiem regularly expresses its awe at the seemingly unlimited powers of Giorno. He claims that no other Stand can ever come close to his powers when fully realized. 

Powers in Gold Experience Requiem

The strength of Gold Experience Requiem’s fighting abilities lies mainly in close combat situations where it can use its incredible speed and strength to full effect. In addition, it wields the power to revert almost anything to zero, undoing actions from the past to suit Giorno’s needs and desires. The Stand’s powers eclipse even those of Diavolo’s Stand King Crimson, and indeed they are so potent that they allow Giorno to levitate. One of its other main weapons is the ability to fire a stone at speed so fast that the object cannot be seen with the human eye. The force with which the stone travels is powerful enough to pass through a human body and even destroy the side of a building.

Gold Experience Requiem’s ability to nullify actions and willpower to zero has multiple utilities. One of the most important is the ability to reverse death. Gold Requiem Experience is capable of creating a new reality at will as a means of returning to the point of “zero” just before its user’s death. This is portrayed as a form of poetic justice which counteracts the many times which King Crimson has seemingly distorted reality to benefit its user, the crime boss Diavolo.

In evolving, it is said that Gold Experience Requiem’s powers have far outstripped those of its first form, making the Stand a formidable foe for anyone that gets in its way.

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